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Why should I add my salon coupons?

That’s simple to answer. People are always in search for bargains and discounts on products and services. Salon owners are always looking for new clients and looking for ways to reach those clients. Many salons use flyers, which costs lots of money to produce and time to actually pass them out. But the thing about it, you could never be able to reach the same amount of people as you would by using this website that gets 1000’s of visitors per day. By adding your coupons and discounts, you get to save money, save time, and reach more potential clients that you can retain in your client base.

How do I add my salon discount coupons?
In order for you to add your discount coupons to the Salon Discounts Section, you have to be a current black salon or black barbershop listed on our site. You can add coupons to your profile FREE! This section also gives your black salon or black barbershop more exposure to your profile on our site. Now, visitors can find coupons to black salons and black barbershop anywhere in the country, and you can get new clients and provide coupons for your current ones.

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