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femme noire hair in braids
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Getting your message to a target demographic is the most important aspect for any advertising campaign. The type of visitors that we receive are of African America descent, both men and women looking for salons, barbershops, and hairstyles. We have had over 1,000,000 searches for black salons, barbers, and hair styles.

We receive over 30,000 unique visitors per month, over 150,000 page views per month and the popularity is growing because people know that the info we have is easy to find and very detailed. If you notice at the bottom of every page, there is a LIVE COUNTER that shows how many are viewing the site at that particular time with you.

If you are looking to expose your products to a large audience, you have found the right place. The great thing about how our advertising works is, we don’t charge for impressions. We only use Click Through Rates. So that means that you are unlimited on the amount of views your banner(s) receives per campaign, and are only charged when people click on your banner which will help you to get more sales.

*Minimum of $50.00 is required

All banners can be of .gif, .jpg, HTML, or text design.

All campaigns come complete with 24/7 log-in access to check your campaign stats that are broken down by day, week, month, and year that shows the amount of Impressions, Click-Throughs, the Click Through Rate, and other important stats to see how well your campaign is doing. You will also receive your stats weekly automatically to your email.

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 · Zone 1 — This campaign is the best because these banners are displayed on the majority of our pages at the top so you will receive the most impressions.

 · Zone 2 — This campaign is displayed on most of our pages and has the same effect as Zones 1 & 4. This also gets lots of exposure due to it being under the navigation links on the left panel.

 · Zone 3 — Zone 3’s banner is smaller than the other banner zone, but proves also to be very effective due to it being displayed in the area of the articles, searches, and column pages. They are a great value if you do not want to make a huge campaign.

 · Zone 4 — This campaign is much like Zone 1 where it is displayed on most pages at the bottom of pages.

We can also offer businesses with campaigns that we can use a full page on our site to display your full page ad if you do not have a website, so having a website is not required.

Pleae contact us for more information

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Market Your Salon, Barbershop, Stylist/Barber Skills, and/or Products on our network of sites through : Because Your Business Deserves Better! is the #1 hair salon, barbershop, and nail salon directory online! You can find black salons anywhere in the country when you are looking for a last minute haircut or hairdo whether you have a big meeting in New York, visiting Atlanta, having a bad hair day in California, trying to find a new salon in Chicago, or anywhere. You can feel comfortable knowing that you can find the top black Black Salons in America in less than 3 mouse clicks with our easy searching! You can also find thousands of hairstyles in our hair gallery from short hairstyles, medium hairstyles, long hairstyles, men’s haircuts, or natural styles. We also have hard to find hair products, salon equipment, black hair shows / events and salon employment in our Classifieds section. is a part of the network and a division of Walker Media Solutions LLC.

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