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(Designed For Stylists & Barbers Professionals)

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(Designed For Salons, Spas, & Barbershops)

What’s Included in the Platform:

Online Booking
Loyalty Points/Loyalty Rewards
Multi-Location (Available)
Text Notifications/Text Reminders
New Client Online Targeting
Full Client History/Client List/CRM
Facebook/Twitter Integration
Thank You/Birthday/Holiday Notes
100% Automated Platform
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Marketing Muscle

Need To Boost Business Marketing? Our ‘Marketing Muscle’ Will Give Your Business The Marketing Boost It Needs. Target New Clients, Gain New Clients, Build A Stronger Client List.

Loyalty Love

Build The Ultimate Client Loyalty With Our Loyalty Rewards + Points System. Bring Your Clients Back More Often And Improve Your Client Relationship. Show Your Client Love & They Will Return The Love To You.

Saavy Scheduling

Start Allowing Your Clients To Book Appointments With You Online. Also Build Better Client Loyalty With Our Loyalty Points System & More. We Offer The Most Flexible Booking Platform Online.

Our Platform Is The Perfect Recipe For Building A More Loyal Client

What Stylists & Salons Are Saying About SalonsOPEN:

“Groundbreaking For Our Industry!”     “Unlike Anything Out In The Market!”     “Just What I Needed!”
“It Just Makes Sense!”     “A Game Changer For My Business!”    

“I am a stylist of 14 years and take my business seriously, especially when it comes to time management. I have been using SalonsOPEN for a couple of months and I must say I am truly pleased. The system is user friendly for both stylist and clients. The service reminds me so much of the iPhone, having more features than any other product on the market. I recommend this service to any professional wanting to take their business to the next level. Thank you SalonsOPEN for helping me look and feel more professional when it comes to how I book my clients! Great Job!”
Monique, Stylist
Los Angeles, CA
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Stop losing potential clients!
Your potential clients are online everday looking for salons, stylists, spas, barbers, and tanning salons. They can’t find them because the few who have websites are scattered among the huge world wide web and can’t be found by search engines. Well our site is optimized for all of the major search engines and this is the place where people they can find businesses like yours.

People want their information fast and detailed
People today want information fast and as effortless as possible. We give them that by making our searches easy and as detailed as possible so that they can find your business. Also, by having your information listed online, you give people a chance to know about your business before they call you unlike with just having your contact info in Yellow Page listings. This gives your business the power of showing why your business is better than the phone number and address they find in phone books. You also provide them with a place to book appointments online, view photos, and other detailed information.

Don’t lose contact with your current or new clients
Never lose touch with your clients, whether you are moving your business, your clients will have your updated information. Since everything is digital, you can change your info online in seconds, you don’t have to wait for the next publication which can cost you more money. This makes a great way for stylists, barbers, and nail techs to never lose touch of your clientele if you happen to change locations.

Once you are approved and listed in our database, you will be able to log in and modify your info anytime, send messages to your clients on your mailing list, add more details to your listing like services and their prices, add products so that you can sell products online, add a discount coupon for clients, and more.

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