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Salons of, a division of Walker Media Solutions LLC, was founded in June 2002 by the CEO/Owner Christopher Walker with the vision to help people find their perfect salon whether they were traveling, moving to a new area, or just needed a change in their present salon. With over 8 years of salon experience as a barber, he knew that people needed great salon services and a way for them to find the salon easily. By uniting with salons across the nation, he was able to compile one of the largest database of hair salons on the web. He knew that with the increase in broadband service, computer owners, and internet users would bring more people to search for things on the internet versus their past ways of searching the phone books and talking to friends. But, if you try searching for salons, you come up with less than a page and sometimes nothing. By creating this easy to use, eye-catching website, he has opened the door to bringing hair salons to the new millennium. Now, instead of having a few friends to give you salon tips, hair tips and where to find the best products, you have millions 365/24/7!

How will this benefit me? Salons can be found in a matter of seconds, instead of by word of mouth. Consumers can find what they are looking for in less than 3 or 4 clicks of their mouse and be on their way to a newer and better hair salon. Salon owners can be proud that they have taken their business up a step over their competition. Consumers are involved by allowing them to save their searches in their very own box and they know about the newest salons first before a regular visitor does. They can feel comfortable knowing that they know where to come if they have a business meeting at 3:00, they are in a different part of the country and need their hair done or cut. They know that when they log on to Salons of, in seconds they can find a great salon by their zip or state, know eveything about that salon (including rates, directions, their latest styles, and other key information) and make it to their meeting looking good and on time!

A Division of Walker Media Solutions and a part of the Salon Marketing Network
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Market Your Salon, Barbershop, Stylist/Barber Skills, and/or Products on our network of sites through : Because Your Business Deserves Better! is the #1 hair salon, barbershop, and nail salon directory online! You can find black salons anywhere in the country when you are looking for a last minute haircut or hairdo whether you have a big meeting in New York, visiting Atlanta, having a bad hair day in California, trying to find a new salon in Chicago, or anywhere. You can feel comfortable knowing that you can find the top black Black Salons in America in less than 3 mouse clicks with our easy searching! You can also find thousands of hairstyles in our hair gallery from short hairstyles, medium hairstyles, long hairstyles, men’s haircuts, or natural styles. We also have hard to find hair products, salon equipment, black hair shows / events and salon employment in our Classifieds section. is a part of the network and a division of Walker Media Solutions LLC.

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